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Partnership for Independence since 1954

Society for the Blind serves thousands of blind and visually impaired individuals throughout the Sacramento area and surrounding counties. We are the only comprehensive blindness center in this region. We train people who are blind or have low vision on Braille, life skills, computers and job skills. Our mission is to empower individuals who are blind or have low vision to live productively and independently by building confidence through training, tools and mentorship. Click on any of the links above to contact us, or to learn more about our organization, services and products. Students: Click here to read the student handbook.

Society for the blind has been serving blind and low-vision Sacramento area residents for over 55 years. Click here to learn more about our history.

Society for the Blind is led by an outstanding Board of Directors that consists of many leading members of our community. Click here to find out who they are.

The Consumer Advisory Committee is another integral part of our operations. Click here to learn more.

From a new building to greater offerings for seniors to more items in our store, Society for the Blind has big plans for the next 55 years. Click here to learn more!

For our 2010 Audited Financial Information, click here.

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For programs outcomes and financial information, please view our 2009 Annual Report.

Our staff includes experts on vision, blindness skills and more.

Our Accomplishments in 2012

Lives Changed:

3,000 individuals from throughout the Sacramento region were assisted by our Services and Programs


110 General Rehabilitation clients received a total of 13,263 hours of blindness instruction in Orientation and Mobility, Adaptive Technology, Daily Living Skills, and Braille.


370 older adults increased independence through learning independent living skills in our Senior Impact Program: in-home services, daytime and overnight retreats, support groups, and community integration.


40 individuals sought advancement through Vocational Rehabilitation including vocational assessment, job preparedness, and employment assistance.


1,680 subscribers placed a total of 12,279 calls to use Access News, our free telephone-based news service providing audio access to volunteer-read recordings of local and national periodicals.


445 volunteers provided 18,119 hours of Volunteer Service: personal reader services, Access News, outreach and youth enrichment events, administrative and other special events.


78 youth were served through our Youth Enrichment Programs: Summer Youth Employment Program, Summer Youth Camp, Blind Olympics, and Junior Blind of America’s Student Transition and Enrichment Program (STEP). Youth developed positive attitudes about their blindness, self-confidence, skills, friendships, and memories through participation in these activities.


379 people were helped through our Low Vision Clinic


150 people participated in Support Groups including regular, monthly, peer-support groups, and semiannual support groups for family members of the blind


3,348 people received Outreach Services, learning about blindness training and other rehabilitative resources through 103 separate events.


10,357 door-to-door rides traveling 161,109 miles for clients from their home to Society ensured access to core teaching programs and services through our Transportation Service

Recognition: Society for the Blind is recognized nationally as a leader in the field of rehabilitation services for the blind; distinguished by its philosophy, programs, and services that emphasize rehabilitation and full participation of blind individuals in personal, vocational, and community activities. We are a certified partner of the California Department of Rehabilitation and of United Way. Our achievements in service to the blind community of the Sacramento Region are consistently recognized by our clients, their consumer organizations, the business community, and the California Department of Rehabilitation.